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  • FR22997
Product description

Star two-piece Lunge Reins

The lunge reins from Star are made of the finest leather and are a very good way of lunging the horse. In contrast to normal lunge reins, these loop reins are not so constricting and are ideal for horses that are not yet used to lunging. The loop reins are attached to the bottom of the lungeing belt, passed between the front legs and then passed through the snaffle rings from the inside to the outside and attached to the side of the lungeing belt again. As the loop reins slide through the snaffle rings, the horse has the opportunity to stretch forward-downward and can thus assume a nice stretching posture. With this buckling, horses are more likely to let go of their backs than they are with the rigid, side-straps. These lunge reins are two-piece and are not designed for straightening, but their action shows the horse the way down.


  • length: depending on setting 1,95m - 2,35m
  • made of finest leather
  • two-part
  • for buckling on both sides


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