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Acupressure Rug Cooler, Therapy Rug

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  • FR24740
Product description

Accuhorsemat Acupressure Rug Cooler

The Acupressure Rug Cooler by Accuhorsemat is a 2-in-1 rug and can be used as a cooler rug without the acupressure mats. In addition, it is suitable for warmer climates and can be used as a mesh rug in the summer. The rug is breathable and comfortable, making it best for transport or after a training session. The front closure makes it possible to put the blanket on and take it off quickly, and in addition, the closure allows for a custom fit for all types of horses. The rug has three Velcro areas to which the acupressure mats can be attached. These areas are the shoulder area, back area on both sides along the spine and the lumbar and croup areas. The acupressure rug helps to stimulate meridians and thus stimulates blood circulation. This ensures that the muscles relax and there is pain relief as well as mental relaxation. The acupressure rug  can be used for 30-45 minutes, depending on how the horse reacts and the duration of application should be increased slowly. The rug has belly straps and a tail strap. Included are two acupressure mats for the shoulders or back, and one acupressure mat for the hindquarters. In addition, a bag for transport is included.


  • rug: cotton blend
  • acupressure mats: environmentally friendly TPE
  • easy to clean
  • breathable

Care instructions

  • machine washable (without acupressure mats) at 40 °C
  • hang to dry
  • not suitable for tumble dryer

Instructions for use

  • when using the rug for the first time, only put on the backhand mat so that the horse can get used to the feeling of the acupressure rosettes
  • after putting on the mats, the rug can be put on and attached to the Velcro fastener
  • the rosettes should not rest on the spine
  • after placing the rug, the front closure can be closed individually
  • the rug should not be lifted too high over the back, as this makes some horses nervous
  • simply lay it gently over the back and smooth it out evenly
  • close belly straps to prevent slippage
  • laying time 30-45 minutes and can be increased slowly depending on how the horse reacts
  • to remove, loosen the crupper, creek straps and finally the front fasteners
  • fold the front part of the rug back onto the hindquarters and place the hands under the blanket with palms facing upwards
  • lift the rug down and do not pull


Size S M L
Length [in cm] 110-125 130-145 155


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