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Cavalor Flyless Fly Spray
Content: 0.5 l (£53.40 / 1 l)

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  • FR23549
Product description

Cavalor Flyless Fly Spray

Cavalor Flyless Fly Spray is a highly effective insect repellent spray containing 20,6% Icaridin. It forms a fragrant protective layer on the skin, which interrupts the mechanism that attracts insects and keeps them away. Since the insects are only driven away and not killed, they cannot develop resistance to the product. The spray is suitable for horses as well as for humans and dogs. The proportion of icaridine protects the rider up to 10 hours and the horse even up to 24 hours. This prevents stress, itching, allergies and diseases. The formula is gentle to the skin, absorbs quickly and is neither sticky nor greasy. Therefore, it also leaves no residue on clothing and equipment. An indispensable companion in the summer stable everyday life!

Directions for use

  • spray from a distance of 15 cm on the coat or skin
  • apply in the area of the eyes with a soft cloth
  • do not use on mucous membranes, wounds or sunburn
  • suitable for horses, humans and dogs

Storage instructions

  • store at a temperature between 5 °C and 25 °C
  • keep out of reach of children
  • keep away from flammable sources and fire


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