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Clippers and Scissors

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Andis Clipper Head UltraEdge Horse Shearing Head
From £48.50
Heiniger Shearing Knife Set 31F / 23
Heiniger Shaving Head Made of Special Steel for Horse Shearing
From £42.99
Available variants
Heiniger Battery-Powered Clipper Xplorer
Heiniger shearing machine Oil, Special
Content 0.1 l (£45.50 / 1 l)
From £4.55
Available variants
Heiniger Shearing Knife Set 31 / 23
Kerbl Bandage Scissors Stainless Steel
From £4.71
Effol Super-Cut
Kerbl shearing machine Oil
Content 0.1 l (£37.30 / 1 l)
From £3.73
Clipster shaving Head Stainless Steel for DeloX
Oster Dog Scissors Premium
Heiniger Cordless Clipper Opal
Kerbl Battery Shearing Machine Profi
Aesculap Bonum Battery Clipper
From £355.11
Kerbl Horse Clipper constantaRodeo
Kerbl shear blade Set R2
Clipster shear blade Set Premium
Clipster Battery Shearing Machine DeloX
Heiniger Battery Shearing Machine Saphir
Heiniger battery-powered Clipper Xplorer, Horse Clipper, with Clipper blade, 2 batteries
Heiniger Cordless Clipper Opal
Aesculap upper Knife Econom
Aesculap Econom lower Knife
From £22.69
HS Sprenger Thining Scissors


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