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Cavalor Passand Supplementary Feed
Content: 3 kg (£26.11 / 1 kg)

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  • FR23556
Product description

Cavalor Passand Supplementary Feed

Cavalor Passand is a supplementary feed developed to support the digestion of horses grazing on sandy soil. It helps to remove sand from the intestine and restore the intestinal wall. In paddocks with little or very short grass, the horse ingests a lot of soil and sand. When this accumulates in deeper or curved parts of the intestine, the absorptive capacity of the mucous membranes is reduced and nutrients and fluids are difficult to absorb. This results in emaciation, debilitation and reduced appetite, and even serious digestive disorders. The supplement contains psyllium, which can absorb a large amount of water and develops in the horse's intestine into a kind of sticky mush through which the sand is excreted. It also contains inert oils that act as lubricants and make excretion even easier. Probiotics help the intestines to regenerate and rebalance the intestinal flora.

Feeding recommendation

  • preventive: 2 x 50 g / day for 10 days / month
  • if sand is present in the horse's droppings: 2 x 100 g / day for 10 days
  • 1 measuring spoon corresponds to 50 grams
  • maximum 300 g per day

To determine if there is sand in the horse's intestine, a sand test can be performed on the horse's droppings. For this purpose, some horse droppings are placed in a plastic bag, which is pressed flat and water is added. After about an hour, the sand will settle to the bottom of the bag and the difference between sand and feces will be clearly visible.

Storage instructions

  • store in a cool and dry place


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