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Cavalor LactaTec Supplementary Feed
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Product description

Cavalor LactaTec Supplementary Feed

Cavalor LactaTec supplementary feed is a comprehensive feed supplement that stimulates muscle activity, supports regeneration and prevents muscle problems. It contains essential oils that form antioxidants and suppress the formation of harmful free radicals. At the same time, they have a relaxing effect on the muscles and keep them supple, so that the horse can perform at its best even during intensive training or at competitions. In addition, the essential oils have a cleansing and detoxifying effect, helping to transport oxygen to the muscles and prevent fatigue.

Feeding recommendation

  • add 30 g daily to the feed
  • in case of severe hyperacidity, administer as a course of treatment for 4 weeks
  • then 2 days before, during and 1 day after the tournament or intensive effort
  • 1 measuring spoon = 15 g
  • maximum 45 g per horse per day

Storage instructions

  • store dry and at max. 25 °C


  • MSM 3,0 %, manganese (mn) 1650 mg/kg, vitamin B2 1600 mg/kg, vitamin E 42234 IU/kg, vitamin C 39008 mg/kg, betaine hydrochloride / DMG 104811 mg/kg, sodium bicarbonate 7,0 %, lysine 7,0%, petroselinum sativum 66700 mg/kg, magnesium (mg) 2,5 %, vitamin B1 1600 mg/kg, vitamin B12 20 mg/kg, selenium (se) 10 mg/kg, whey proteins 15 %, zinc (zn) 1031 mg/kg, sodium tripolyphosphate 15,0 % methionine 6,5 %, citrus aurantifolia 33300 mg/kg


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