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Cavalor Supplementary Feed Muscle Motion
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  • FR23555
Product description

Cavalor Supplementary Feed Muscle Motion

Cavalor's supplementary feed Muscle Motion supports the muscles and keeps them supple. Regular use of muscles produces lactic acid and free radicals, which can damage muscle cells. Cavalor Muscle Motion reduces the damaging effects of these waste products while preventing acidosis. The supplement feed contains important minerals such as sulfur, magnesium and manganese. These help to improve the flexibility and endurance of the muscles and also reduce muscle tension. They are processed in the feed in such a way that they are particularly easily absorbed. An added B-vitamin complex consisting of vitamins B1, B2 and B12 improves carbohydrate metabolism, nerve transfer and oxygen supply to the muscles, so that less lactic acid is produced and stored. The contained zinc accelerates the breakdown of lactate. In addition, the feed contains antioxidants and vitamin E and selenium, as well as vitamin C, beta-carotene and bioflavonoids, which provide cells with protection against free radicals, acidification and muscle damage.

Feeding recommendation

  • add 15 g (=1 measuring spoon) 2 x daily to the daily feed ration
  • maximum 120 g per day and per horse

Storage instructions

  • keep dry and at moderate temperature


  • MSM 3 %, magnesium 1,5 %, sodium bicarbonate 10 %, manganese 1650 mg/kg, vitamin B1 5000 mg/kg, vitamin B2 1600 mg/kg, vitamin B12 20 mg/kg, zinc (zn) 1031 mg/kg, selenium 10 mg/kg, vitamin E 41 902 IU/kg, vitamin C 260005 mg/kg, betaine hydrochloride / (DMG) 104811 mg/kg


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