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Product description

Cavalor Supplementary Feed Bronchix Pulmo

Cavalor's Bronchix Pulmo supplementary feed has been developed to support the lungs and respiratory tract, especially of horses that are challenged by sport. At the same time, the elasticity and resistance of the blood vessels is improved and respiration is promoted. During intensive training, the demand for oxygen increases sharply. As a result, the pressure on the lungs is increased by the blood circulation and the alveoli are particularly stressed. Ingredients such as essential oils have a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the alveoli, strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Thus, the respiratory tract is cleared of mucus and free radicals are neutralized. Thanks to the syringe form, the supplementary feed can be easily given directly into the mouth.

Feeding recommendation

  • before stress: start at least 16 days in advance
  • 20 g (1/3 syringe) per day for at least 15 days
  • the day before and the morning of the stress 30 g (1/2 syringe)
  • maximum 60 g (1 syringe) per day

Storage instructions

  • store in a cool and dry place


  • citrus aurantiifolia 10000 mg/kg, allium sativum 5000 mg/kg, eucalyptus globulus labil 10000 mg/kg, cupressus L. 0,5 %, daucus carota 2,2 %


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