Product description

HS Sprinkler KK-Ultra D Snaffle

The KK Ultra D-ring bit comes with an anatomically shaped mouthpiece, the centre piece of which is inclined forwards by 45°. This inclination allows a precise and at the same time gentle action, which is not only gentle on the horse's tongue but on the whole mouth. The large D-rings ensure a calm and stable position in the mouth, while providing lateral support and limitation. Another advantage of the D-rings is the direct transfer of the reins to the tongue and lower jaw, which promises a very targeted effect. Please fasten all dentures marked with an arrow so that the arrow on the left hand points forward.


  • Sensogan (alloy of copper, manganese and zinc)
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 15mm
  • ring size: 80mm
  • width: 12,5cm / 13,5cm / 14,5cm / 15,5cm
  • double broken
  • 40416
Product features
Bit types: D-Ring Bits
Mouthpiece: Double broken
Shape: anatomical
Riding Style: Dressur, Springen
Bit width: 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm, 15,5 cm
Material: Sensogan
Gebissstärke: 15 mm
property: anatomisch
Artikelnummer: FR11954
EAN 4022853203694

HS KK-Ultra D-Ring

  • FR11954
£164.24 *

Price incl. VAT

D-förmigen Ringe
Ergonomisch geformt
Korrekte Positionierung





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