Beris winding Leg Bridle with Tongue Bow Bar
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Beris winding leg bridle with tongue bow bar

The Beris pull-up leg bridle with tongue arch bar offers optimum freedom of movement for the horse's tongue due to the 30mm high arch. Due to the special flattened shape of the arch, the comfort of the bit is increased many times over and thus contributes to increased chewing activity. This bit is ideal for so-called "tongue players", i.e. horses that like to push their tongue over the bit, because the extra high arch effectively prevents this bad habit. Furthermore, the legs of the bit offer lateral limitation and support, which can support the sideways pointing aids. The special feature of a wind-up bridle are the Perlon cords which are threaded laterally through the bit and to the lower ring of which the reins are attached, whereas the other end is buckled into the noseband as a cheek piece substitute. This system aims to tilt and lift the bit when the reins are accepted and should therefore only be used with fine aids.


  • food-safe plastic


  • thickness: 20mm
  • Height arch: 30mm

winding Leg Bridle with Tongue Bow Bar

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