Beris Kimblewick Eggbutt Bit
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Beris Kimblewick Eggbutt Bit

As the name suggests, the jumping combi-bridle combines several features. One is the leverage effect on the lower jaw branches, the pressure development on the neck, as well as the variable position in the mouth. The three different buckling possibilities allow a well-dosed use of the dentition, so that the dentition can be adjusted to different demands and wishes at any time and everywhere. Due to the anatomically preformed bar, the denture lies very still in the mouth, which is additionally supported by the somewhat heavier side parts. The "olives" at the side, which are typical for an olive bit, effectively prevent the lips from getting caught and thus contribute to the horse's well-being. As the bit exerts pressure on various areas, its use requires a particularly sensitive rider's hand.


  • food-safe plastic
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 20mm
  • finish: hard / medium / soft
  • width: 12cm / 13cm / 14 cm

Kimblewick Eggbutt Bit

  • FR14821
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