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HS Blasters Rubber-Pelham

Sprenger's rubber bits are made of stainless steel surrounded by soft rubber. Since rubber can easily produce the so-called "eraser effect", it is important that the horses salivate sufficiently. Because the bit is very flexible and soft, chewing and saliva flow is often stimulated, so the eraser effect is not a problem with Sprenger. Pelhams are bits that exert additional pressure on the neck by means of a lever, but often pelhams are also used with the so-called pelham straps, which connect the two rings along the suits and into which only one pair of reins needs to be buckled. These different buckling possibilities make the Pelham incredibly versatile, making it ideal for show jumpers who want to change their reins more often. Since the Pelham has a slightly stronger effect, it should only be used by an experienced and sensitive rider.


  • rubber
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 18mm
  • suits: 7cm
  • width: 13,5cm
  • no guarantee for bite
  • simply broken
  • 42104

HS Pelham

  • FR12201
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