Trust Swivel Inno Sense Port, 20 mm
Product description

Trust Swivel Inno Sense Port

The Inno Sense Swivel is a bit with two integrated half rings and a mouthpiece with plastic coating. The half rings are connected to each other and thus the bit is clearly restricted in movement and lies very quietly in the horse's mouth. The reins can be attached to the large ring or the lower half ring as desired. Attached to the lower half ring there is a slight leverage effect, attached to the large ring there is pressure which helps the horse to lower its head. The horse is additionally limited laterally, so that turns can be ridden in a more targeted manner. The mouthpiece has a curvature so that the tongue has sufficient freedom of movement. In addition, the pressure is taken from the middle of the tongue and evenly distributed. In medium the mouthpiece is hardly flexible and in hard it is not flexible at all.


  • with tongue freedom
  • different degrees of hardness
  • many application possibilities
  • thickness: 20 mm
  • rings diameter: 8,5 cm
Product features
Mouthpiece: Bar, Mit Zungenfreiheit, Zungenbogenstange
Hardness grade: hard, medium
Shape: curved
Material: Kunststoff
Riding Style: Dressur, Springen
Bit types: Stangengebisse
Gebissstärke: 20 mm
Bit width: 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm
Artikelnummer: FR16882
EAN 7434011589521

Swivel Inno Sense Port, 20 mm

  • FR16882
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with tongue clearance
flexible mouthpiece
versatile application possibilities


Hardness grade


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