Beris 3-Ring Bit with Comfort Bar Thin
Product description

Beris 3-ring bit with comfort bar thin

The Beris 3 ring bit is characterised by the numerous possibilities of buckling, which, depending on the choice of the ring, reduces or increases the leverage of the bit. Another special feature is the slightly curved Comfort bar, because the minimal curvature of the bar allows the tongue to find more space under the bit, which distributes the pressure evenly between the drawers and the tongue. The Beris 3-ring bit is not only considered to be particularly comfortable and mouth-friendly because it distributes the pressure optimally, but also offers additional protection against pinching of the lips through the use of bit discs.
The different buckling possibilities and the effective lateral limitation offer the possibility to test to what extent a young or inexperienced horse reacts to a leverage effect, which makes the 3-ring bit with comfort bar a suitable bit for young or sensitive horses.


  • food-safe plastic


  • thickness: 15mm
Product features
Mouthpiece: Bar, Mit Zungenfreiheit
Bit width: 10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm
property: anatomisch
Hardness grade: hard, weich
Bit types: 2,5/3-Ring Gebisse, Stangengebisse
Gebissstärke: 15 mm
Riding Style: Springen
Material: Kunststoff
Shape: anatomical, curved
Artikelnummer: FR14772
EAN 4046228129891

3-Ring Bit with Comfort Bar Thin

  • FR14772
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Anatomisch geformt

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