Trust Driving Curb Bit Liverpool Sweet Iron Arched, 3 Slots, Non-Fixed, 16 mm Thickness.
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Trust Driving Curb Bit Liverpool Sweet Iron Arched

The Liverpool Arched Double Bridle from Trust is specially designed for driving. It is equipped with a slightly arched bar, which leaves room for the tongue. This arching distributes the pressure evenly over the entire tongue and the charges and there is no pressure on the palate. The side parts have three slots, so everyone can decide for themselves how strong the impact should be. The deeper the driving lines are guided, the greater the leverage on the neck and the sharper the effect of the bit. In addition, the side pieces are movable and can thus additionally limit the horse laterally. The so-called Sweet Iron coating stimulates the horse's salivation and, in combination with moisture, forms a sweet-tasting surface rust. Thus, this bit is very well accepted by horses and accepted. This bit can have a lot of leverage depending on how it is buckled, so it should only be used by experienced, steady hands.

Note: When not in use, a thin, orange-brown layer of rust will develop on the mouthpiece, this can be removed with a damp cloth and does not represent a quality defect!


  • Sweet Iron alloy
  • thickness: 16 mm
  • pre-curved bar
  • no pressure on the palate
  • 3 slots
  • shank length: 10,0 cm

Driving Curb Bit Liverpool Sweet Iron Arched, 3 Slots, Non-Fixed, 16 mm Thickness.

  • FR16895
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better acceptance
pre-curved rod
3 slots


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