Beris Prime Tandem, Extra Soft
Product description

Beris Prime Tandem, extra soft

This denture consists of a hard steel inlay embedded in extra soft plastic, which stimulates chewing activity and the associated salivation. The anatomically correctly shaped mouthpiece distributes the pressure evenly over the trays as well as the tongue. The additionally attached bit discs not only prevent the lips from getting caught, but also avoid contact between the horse's mouth and the stainless steel rings on the sides. This is not only ideal for horses that are allergic to metal, but also provides additional support, which makes the bit lie very still. The tandem bit can be used with only one rein and applies pressure to the nasal bone, the lower jaw and the neck by means of the strap. This bit is primarily suitable for horses for which a pure bit effect is not sufficient, but which also cannot be ridden alone with a Hackamore. 


  • food-safe plastic
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 20mm
  • width: 12cm / 13 cm / 14cm

Care instructions

  • clean with clear water after each use

Prime Tandem, Extra Soft

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Anatomische Form
Super softes Material
Edelstahl Seitenteile

Hardness grade



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