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Veredus Fetlock Boots Carbon Gel Vento Color Edition Black

Carbon Gel Vento fetlock boots are the first shockproof fetlock boots to provide dual ventilation. Heat exuded from the horse's leg passes through the layer of micro-perforated neoprene and then disperses into the channeled mesh 3D fabric. Fresh air, encouraged by the horse's movements, enters through the air inlet, sets the heat captured in the channeled fabric in motion and directs it upward to the outlet grille. Ventilation thus occurs both horizontally - from the inside to the outside - and vertically - from the bottom to the top. Protection of the fetlock joint is provided by carbon bonded to a shock-absorbing film of Nitrex gel. The button closures make it easy and quick to put on the fetlock boots. The anatomically shaped shell guarantees maximum comfort with maximum freedom of movement.

Note: These fetlock boots are approved for use at competitions according to FEI 2021.


  • shockproof
  • double ventilation
  • protection by carbon with nitrexgel film
  • button closures
  • anatomic shape
  • high wearing comfort

Fetlock Boots Carbon Gel Vento Color Edition Black

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double ventilation
mesh fabric
button closures




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