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Kentucky Horsewear tendon boots Air with fur

  • Stability outside, comfort inside
  • Reinforced TPU outer shell
  • Tendon area reinforced with D3O shock absorbing molecules*
  • Ventilation system for optimal cooling performance
  • Design with higher cut for maximum freedom of movement
  • Artificial sheepskin: breathable and comfortable
  • Velcro closure for easy handling
  • Machine washable at 30° (no dryer)
  • Jumping boots Air Lambskin protect the front legs of your horse incl. the vital tendons and ligaments from injuries when jumping. Of particular importance is the intelligent D30 molecule-filled zone, which in practice is exposed to the most external impacts.
  • Jumping boots Air Lammfell have an extremely stable shape, consisting of an extremely light and resistant TPU outer shell, which protects against external impacts. In addition, the areas around the tendons as well as the crown edge are also specially reinforced.
  • The tendon area of the boots have an intelligent ventilation system to prevent legs or tendons from overheating. In addition, because the lambskin lining is breathable, these gaiters provide an unparalleled level of breathability while providing excellent cushioning to the skin.
  • The tendon boots have a durable outer shell made of extremely lightweight yet strong TPU to protect against impact. The tendon area is reinforced with D3O shock absorbing molecules *.
  • Thanks to the anatomical and higher cut design, these gaiters allow full freedom of movement in the fetlock area when jumping. It also ensures that the grip leg has optimal freedom and comfort, allowing horses to angle their front tarsal joint without restrictions.
  • These tendon boots are breathable and their inner material prevents tendons from overheating. The 100% animal friendly artificial sheepskin is both air permeable and breathable and is linked to the gaiter as well as bonded to suede. The perforated neoprene provides breathability thanks to its ventilation holes, while the faux sheepskin lining provides excellent cushioning for sensitive skin.
  • These tendon boots with sheepskin have an open front with an easy Velcro closure for quick fastening. As easy as they are to use, they are also easy to care for as the faux sheepskin is specially designed to be machine washed at 30 degrees (no dryer). Give them the final shine with our gaiter cleaner specially designed for TPU gaiters.
  • * D3O shock-absorbing molecules are a lightweight, intelligent material that solidifies upon external impact, dispersing impact energy before returning to its former, pliable form. Tests in the lab have shown that the gaiters absorb external impact 50% better than any other gaiter currently on the market. In the process, even an impact so violent that it could break a human bone can be absorbed.

tendon boots Air with fur

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