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Veredus Stable Boots Magnetik Evo Rear

The stable boot Magnetik Evo is equipped with 28 magnets, which provide a power of 2400 gauss. This makes this stable gaiter an optimal leg protection for resting with magnetotherapeutic effect. Magnetotherapy is a medical methodology that treats some pathologies of humans and animals by using the magnetic fields. Magnetic fields promote and facilitate micro-blood and lymphatic circulation, exchange and utilization of nutritive substances by cells, natural biological defenses and elimination of metabolic waste products. Thanks to magnetic fields, significant improvement is also obtained in all inflammatory processes, which are often accompanied by pain. The improvement is due both to a reduction of the inflammatory process and to a simultaneous analgesic effect towards the nerve fibers of the tissues. Magnetik Stable Boots EVO are made of breathable HCL foam AEROX. The inner padding made of DFD (dry fast dry) is attached with Velcro and is replaceable. The fetlock joint protector is made of polyurethane to reduce abrasion. The stable boots are closed with Velcro fasteners with elastic straps to ensure maximum comfort and fit.


  • 28 magnets
  • breathable
  • replaceable pad
  • velcro fastener
  • high wearing comfort
  • ideal fit

Stable Boots Magnetik Evo Rear

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Optimaler Schutz
HCL Schaum
Innenpolsterung aus DFD



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