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Vitandar Stable Leggings Classic

The normal stable gaiters

Stable gaiters with infrared effect for therapy in horses
They promote the health of tendons and ligaments
The Classic variant is the perfect choice for a standard application and applications in the fetlock and cannonbone area
The infrared stable gaiters from Vitandar are used in horses with leg problems. They promote blood circulation, provide protection and have a compressive effect, which can be easily adjusted with the Velcro fasteners
The cut is ergonomically designed and tapered for a good fit on the leg
Soft EdgeTM on the front: the gaiters meet one after the other. There is therefore no overlap area, which avoids pressure points on the horse's leg
No neoprene - no heat build-up: the gaiters are 100% breathable. The large-pore foam ensures good air circulation and a snug fit. It has a good return force and prevents the gaiters from sliding together.
All in one: The gaiters are made in one piece. There are therefore no pillows that can slip. It is very easy to put on and requires no special instruction.


to support regeneration processes as well as heat treatment for tendon damage, relief for arthrosis
Gradually increase the dose as you get used to it. Discuss the operation with your veterinarian too!

Safety notice

The stable gaiters are intended for use in the resting phase, e.g. overnight in the pits, on trailer rides or to warm up before sporting activities


Stable Leggings Classic

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