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Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Classic

The Soft Up Classic stirrup from Freejump convinces with numerous functions and features. Thanks to the geometric shape, the forces absorbed by the stirrup are reduced, so that both the horse's back and joints are protected. The center of gravity of these stirrups is shifted forward, so that the tread tilts backwards and you have a lower heel position. The wider carbon tread surface, which is equipped with sloping cleats, gives the rider a secure and stable seat and reduces the pressure exerted on the arch of the foot. Another advantage of these stirrups is that they have a flexible outer arm, which opens in the event of a fall under the traction of the foot, if the rider should get caught in it.


  • Arm: spring steel
  • Tread: Carbon
  • Elastomer overmoulding
  • Geometric shape

Stirrups Soft Up Classic

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offene Öse
flexibler Außenarm
Carbon Trittfläche



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