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HS Sprenger KK-Ultra underlay bridle, Shine Bright

The KK Ultra underlay bridle comes with an anatomically shaped mouthpiece, the centre piece of which is inclined forwards by 45°. This inclination allows a precise and at the same time gentle action, which is not only gentle on the horse's tongue but on the whole mouth. The Kk Ultra underlay bridle is not only suitable as an underlay bridle. Due to the small thickness and especially the small ring diameter, the KK-Ultra underlay bridle can also be used for ponies as a normal double broken water bridle. Regardless of age, breed or level of training, this water snaffle can be used in many different ways and is therefore a real all-round talent. The highlight are the laterally attached glas crystals, which are a real eye-catcher and visually enhance the bit. The colour of the crystals can be chosen freely from the 6 given examples. When biting the Sprenger "Shine Bright Edition" the arrow on the front left side of the mouthpiece should point downwards.


  • Sensogan (alloy of copper, manganese and zinc)
  • stainless steel
  • Glas crystals


  • thickness: 14mm
  • ring size: 55mm
  • width: 11,5cm / 12,5cm / 13,5cm
  • double broken
  • 40200

HS KK-Ultra Bradoon, Shine Bright

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