Beris Gag Leather Bar Standard
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Beris Gag Leather Bar Standard

The leather bar of the Beris hook-up leg bridle offers the highest level of acceptance and wearing comfort due to the vegetable tanned and hand-stitched leather. The anatomically pre-shaped mouthpiece adapts optimally to the anatomy of the horse's mouth when wet, which stimulates chewing activity and thus salivation. The special feature of a wind-up bridle are the Perlon cords, which are threaded through the bit at the side and to whose lower ring the reins are attached, whereas the other end is buckled into the noseband as a cheek piece substitute. This system aims to tilt and lift the bit when the reins are accepted and should therefore only be used with fine aids. A further advantage is the bit discs, which make it impossible to pinch the lips and round off the comfort of the bit.



  • vegetable tanned leather


  • thickness: 20mm
  • cheek piece: 28cm
  • hand-stitched

Gag Leather Bar Standard

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