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Trust leather pull-on bridle

Trust's leather dentures create a complementary collection to the classic "sweet iron" dentures. The leather parts are sewn by hand and additionally reinforced with an internal nylon band, which makes the bite more durable and secure. If the natural product comes in contact with the horse's saliva, it automatically becomes softer and therefore more comfortable to wear. Leather also has the advantage that almost all horses accept and appreciate the taste, for these reasons leather bits are especially suitable for sensitive and delicate horses that have problems with conventional bits. The special feature of this bit is the Perlon string, which is threaded through the bit at the side and on whose lower ring you can attach another rein. This system aims at a strong pressure on the horse's chin when the reins are accepted and should therefore only be used with fine aids. Wind-up bridles are especially suitable for horses that are very strong or for very sensitive horses, as the rider gains maximum control through the double bridle system.


  • leather
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 20mm
  • width: 11,5cm / 12,5cm / 13,5cm / 14,5cm
  • hand sewn
  • 05000239
Product features
Material: leather
Mouthpiece: Bar
Riding Style: Springen
Bit types: Aufziehtrensen, Stangengebisse
Gebissstärke: 20 mm
Bit width: 11,5 cm, 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm
property: für empfindliches Maul
Artikelnummer: FR11372
EAN 7434011463470

Curb Gag Leather

  • FR11372
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