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A saddle rack is the ideal way to store saddles safely. They offer enormous advantages as an alternative to temporary storage on unsuitable surfaces.... Learn more

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Waldhausen Saddle Stand Travel
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Saddle racks with rods or frames: the variants

A saddle stand is an uncomplicated and flexible alternative to a saddle cabinet. A saddle cabinet inevitably takes up a lot of space due to the design. On the other hand, a saddle holder for a horse can be used to save space and fulfill the same purpose.

In essence, there are different variants: on the one hand, a saddle rack with a rod, and on the other, a saddle rack with a metal structure, i.e. a frame. Both variants have their specific advantages and disadvantages. However, both basic models are available in various versions, so you can find a suitable model for your requirements.

Both the saddle rack with a rod and the one with a frame are available as wall-mount saddle rack models. In addition, both variants are available as folding versions. Portable saddle racks can also be extremely practical: a collapsible saddle block or a saddle cart can be flexibly positioned where you need a saddle rack.

Saddle rack with rod

The saddle rack with a rod consists at minimum of a mounting plate and a stable rod. Depending on the number of rods, this saddle rack provides storage space for one or multiple saddles.

Depending on the version, this type of saddle rack can be mounted or, for example, hung on doors. In addition, some variants can be released from the bracket. So you can remove your saddle rack if necessary and attach it to another rack provided for this purpose.

Saddle rack for horses with frame

The saddle rack with a frame is often used when saddles are more elaborately made. For example, it is ideally suited for English or Western saddles. Because the design of this saddle rack offers a wider contact surface than a saddle holder with a rod.

Another plus is that there are lockable versions. This kind of saddle rack can therefore also represent a serious alternative to a saddle cabinet for long-term storage.

Metal or wooden saddle racks: materials of the saddle rack

Since saddles carry a certain weight, the materials of the saddle rack must also have the appropriate stability. For this reason, materials are used which provide a reliable load-bearing capacity.

So the basic structure is always made of high-quality metals. For example, steel pipes or solid iron form the basis. Resistant powder coatings provide a splash of colour, depending on the design.

There are also saddle racks for horses, which provide an exclusive character thanks to decorative elements. A saddle rack with wood, for example, looks particularly elegant and enhances every stable. Here, the saddle pad is made of durable hardwood. So the saddle rack with wood offers a consistently attractive appearance with a long service life.

Saddle rack: the key to tidiness in a stable

Saddle racks ensure more order in a stable. At the same time, they protect against damage to the saddles. Thanks to these properties, they are indispensable and complement other tidiness aids like saddle pad racks or bridle racks.

Saddle racks…

  • ...are space-saving.
  • ...can be used extremely flexibly depending on the design.
  • ...are versatile.