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Trust Sweet Iron 2,5-Ring Bit Eliptical

The Sweet Iron 2,5-ring bit by Trust has a double-broken mouthpiece made of steel, which has a recognisable blue colour. When this special Sweet Iron alloy comes into contact with moisture, a kind of surface rust develops which tastes sweet to horses and thus naturally stimulates saliva production. The double-broken mouthpiece lies slightly looser in the mouth and distributes the pressure on the tongue, the interdental space and the corners of the mouth. With the 2,5-ring side piece a leverage effect can be created, the further down the reins are attached the sharper the bit becomes. As the ring is not firmly attached to the mouthpiece, there is more movement in the bit and the rider's aids arrive more indirectly. Nevertheless, a 2,5-ring bit should only be used by experienced riders as it can develop a strong action.

Note: When not in use, a thin, orange-brown layer of rust will develop on the mouthpiece. This can be removed with a damp cloth and does not represent a quality defect!


  • thickness: 16 mm
  • double broken
  • different application possibilities
  • with leverage
Product features
Mouthpiece: Double broken
Riding Style: Springen
Bit width: 11,5 cm, 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm
Gebissstärke: 16 mm
Bit types: 2,5/3-Ring Gebisse
Material: Sweet Iron /Stahl
Artikelnummer: FR11334
EAN 7434011489487

2,5-Ring Bit, Eliptical, Sweet Iron, 16 mm

  • FR11334
£107.65 *

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double broken
thickness: 16 mm
different applications



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